Lenten Retreat

March 17-22 
Sacred Heart Catholic Church Wasilla

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This Lenten retreat is open to everyone. The presentations are based on the theme of Psalm 27:9—“Your Face Lord I seek, hide not your Face.” Beginning with a talk on the Shroud of Turin, we will explore the history of Christian art and iconography in supporting our faith and in recognizing ourselves being made in the image of God. Through this process of faith and
recognition, we develop our own ability to recognize God in one another and the world around us.

March 17 Sunday 6pm
Prof Cheryl White
He will turn his Face to you and give you peace
Shroud of Turin

March 18 Monday 7 pm
Deacon Charles Rohrbacher
Lord I long to see your Face: Icons in Prayer

March 19 Tuesday 7pm
Fr Joseph Mc Gilloway
Recognizing God: Who is God?

March 20 Wednesday 7pm
Fr Joseph Mc Gilloway
Made in the image and likeness of God:
Christian Conversion

March 21 Thursday 7pm
Fr David Terwilliger
Saying Yes to God: Credo, I believe!

March 22 Friday 6pm
Stations of the Cross & Soup Supper
Lent Reconciliation 7pm