Dillingham Community Service Retreat

JUNE 23 to JUNE 27

Monday, June 23
Leave Anchorage on Penair at 8:00 AM (Penair Confirmation. ZMLLQG)
9:30 AM Youth arrive in Dillingham Penair flight, load gear in truck, walk to Holy Rosary
10:00 AM Pick up Van, D & J Rent, Connie, 907-842-2222
10:00 AM Set up basement of church (boys) and basement of rectory (girls).
11:00 AM, Meeting with Father Scott : Bush Briefing, Holy rosary Basement, Rules
11:30 Tour of Dillingham, buy dairy products, meats, etc.
Noon: Lunch
2:00 PM Maintenance, Cleaning the Property of the Church.
6:00 PM Dinner, Holy Rosary
7:00 PM Going to the beach, Fireworks, Campfire (Low Tide 7:13 PM -2.76)
9:00 PM Exam of Conscience (Julie)
10:00 PM, Bed

Tuesday, June 24
9:00 AM Morning Mass at Holy Rosary (Fr. Scott)
10:00 AM Community Service Project, See Ida, 842-1231, at the Senior Center
Noon: Sack Lunch
1:00 PM Community Service
3:00 PM Return to Holy Rosary
3:30 PM Cleaning up the Cemetery
6:00 PM Dinner, Holy Rosary
7:00 PM Playing soccer at Holy Rosary
9:00 PM Exam of Conscience (Julie)
10:00 PM, Bed

Wednesday, June 25
8:00 AM Breakfast
8:30 AM Visit FAA Flight Service Station (907-842-5275)
10: 00 AM Be ready at DLG Airport to fly to Manokotak
Van Air, Mat, 907-842-4985
Bristol Bay Air, John, 907-842-2227, to Manokotak
11:30 AM Mass at a school in Manokotak
12:15 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Interaction with the Villagers
4:30 PM Be ready at Manokotak Airport for Pick-up
6:00 PM Dinner, Holy Rosary
9:00 PM Exam of Conscience (Julie)
10:00 PM, Bed

Thursday, June 26
8:00 AM Breakfast
9:00 – 9:45 AM Confession 1
10:00 AM Senior Center, Skit and Music.
11:00 AM Mass (Fr. Andrew)
Noon Lunch ($5 per person) 842-1231 Ida
1:00 to 3:00, Peter Pan cannery tour (Pat Walsh, 907-455-6430)
3:30 to 4:30 Granma’s House Nursing Home: skit, singing, music 842-4600
6:00 PM Pot Luck by Holy Rosary parishioners
7:00 PM Going to Lake, Swim
10:00 PM Exam of Conscience (Julie) & Confession 2
11:00 PM Bed

Friday, June 27
7:30 AM Breakfast
8:00 AM, Pack up all your belongings, clean-up
9:00 AM Mass (Fr. Andrew)
12:15 PM Take Gear to Airport, return Van, Clean up
12:30 PM Check in at Penair
1:30 PM Departure

Instructions: Electronic free (cameras & batteries OK), sleeping bag, warm cloths, bug stray, food for the week will be flown in on Northern Air Cargo.

Week Before: get paperwork to fill out from office, or Fr Scott during weekend.
Week Before: Take dry goods to Northern Air Cargo and ship. 


Bush Living:

1. Electricity double/Triple, turn of lights when not in use.  A good policy, if you turn something on, it is your responsibility to turn it off.  If you open something, it is your responsibility to close it.

2. Heat, ask adult to turn up or down, very expensive.

3. Windows, do not open unless a GOOD screen is installed.

4. Things do not work as well out here, need patience.

5. Hospital is in the area.  It is not set up for major injuries, people are medevac’d to Anchorage if hurt, be extra careful.

6. If you break something, I want to know, I promise you will not get in trouble, things take a lot of time to fix in the bush communities, the sooner I know about it the quicker it will be repaired.

7. Water people, Driving through to fill up water containers, in and out all day.

8. Garbage, Do not put garbage outside, the ravens will spread it around.

9. Faucets, do not wreath on them to shut off, be careful, don’t break.

10. DOORS, they do not work as well out here.  MESQUITES and no-see-ums, make triple sure doors are closed, test them, push on them, etc.

11.  Plumbing, No grease down drain, small pipes, they clog easy.

12. Show Initiative – Big points for this: An initiative represents an enterprise's readiness to embark on a new venture. Generally speaking, the motivation for an initiative arises from a desire to accomplish something that would benefit the enterprise, such as improving productivity or reducing costs.

13. Never be alone with and adult, Priest, cook, parishioner, nobody.

14.  Plane Rules: A bush pilot’s plane is his or her only means of making a living.  They are very protective of their airplanes.  Do not touch them.  Do not sit on an airplane.  Do not try to shut a door.  The Bush pilot will tell you what you need to do and ensure that everything is secure before takeoff.  All you have to do is listen and follow orders.


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